Some Truths About The Rubbish You Read Daily

  1. Exercise machines are the best thing since sliced bread – no. Exercise machines isolate specific muscles, so if you’re using in them in the right way or for injury prevention/rehabilitation then great. If you’re using machines for most of your workout, I can guarantee I could get you better results in half the time using free weights…
  1. Lifting heavy weights will bulk you out – no. We’ve spoke about this in a previous blog. Lifting heavy weights will not bulk you out, particularly as a female. If anything, lifting heavier will make you leaner (combined with the right nutrition). A study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that women that lifted heavier weights for 8 reps, compared to those doing 15 reps with a lighter weight, burned nearly twice as many calories.
  1. ‘Train insane or remain the same’ – no. Massive no. Train hard when you’re training, if that is what is planned. Incorporate light intensity training into your plan, allow yourself rest days and make sure you recover properly. Listen to your body.
  1. Stretch before doing exercise – yes but no. Don’t stretch as your warm up, increase your heart rate by using one of the cardio machines, do some small body weight movements. Make sure your heart rate is increased, blood flow and body temperature is increased. Then get into some dynamic stretches. Imagine a piece of chewing gum, it doesn’t stretch until you’ve heated it up. If you tried to stretch it straight from the packet it would snap. Same ideology for your muscles. Bottom line, don’t just sit on the floor and stretch before you’ve done a workout, you may as well be at home watching TV…
  1. Don’t train on an empty stomach – yes you can. Fasted cardio is a great way to burn fat. If you’re training for performance or sports, I’d suggest not training on any empty stomach. If you’re training to lose body fat or ‘cut’ then it can be a good catalyst in seeing results if incorporated properly.
  1. Target areas of your body to lose fat – you can’t. You can tone areas of your body in conjunction to losing body fat. Exercise can reduce overall body fat, but there is no control over where you lose the body fat. You could be on a lower body 6-week programme, but you may still lose fat in your waist or upper body region.
  1. There are ‘best times’ to exercise – no. Exercise when it fits in with your lifestyle. If you like exercising at night compared to the morning, then do your thing. Exercise at any time in the day is better than no exercise, (as long as it’s not effecting your sleep quantity and quality).
  1. Squats are bad for your knees – HAHAHA. Ok. If you squat with poor technique then yes, I understand your point of view. If you squat correctly they are actually good for your knees. That’s all there is to say. Squat properly. It’s good for you.
  1. ‘If you don’t feel like you can’t walk after working out, you didn’t work hard enough’ – Again, stop talking. Stick to a programmed plan and remember that results are a process. If you can’t move properly for 3 or 4 days, then how are you benefiting your body and the adaptions you are trying to reap?
  2. Ab work will give you a flat stomach – Training abs will give you a stronger core and defined abdominal muscles IF you don’t have a layer of fat covering…To be able to show the abs, you need to lose the fat in the midsection, this is done through good nutrition. Being in a calorie deficit and exercising well is the perfect duo to hit your physical goals.

There are so many more myths out there, but I can’t even bring myself to write about them. Let me know if you’ve heard something that the public need to be aware of. I’m sure there is something out there like – ‘don’t drink water’.

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