‘No Equipment. No Time’ Workouts

This weeks blog is for those of you that love to tell people that you don’t have any equipment OR more frequently – ‘no time’ (and also for those that want a couple free body weight sessions).

If you’ve got an iPhone, I presume you’ve seen the Screen Time setting, you know that setting that tells you how long you’ve been on your phone for? I also presume that when the notification pops up, an ‘OH MY WORD’ feeling runs through your body? I bet a lot of you are taken back by the amount you’re on your phone and even more so, the amount of time you waste scrolling on social media. What I’m trying to get at is: don’t tell me you have no time to workout.

If you can find just 20 minutes to work out, it’s enough time for a solid HIIT or strength endurance session. Below I’ll give you a couple free, body weight sessions that’ll have you feeling all sorts of ways afterwards, accomplished being the best one…


‘I’ve got no time’ Session One –

1a. Lunges
1b. High Knees
1c. Glute Bridges
1d. Mountain Climbers
1e. Jumping Knee Tucks

2a. Push Ups
2b. Tricep Dips
2c. Air Punches
2d. Plank Jump Ins
2e. Jumping Knee Tucks


Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, go straight into the next exercise.
Once 1a-1e are completed, have a 1 minute rest.
Move onto 2a-2e and do the same routine, have a 2 minute rest.
Start from the beginning and repeat the full circuit one more time.
Starting from 1a – 2e, complete 20 reps of each exercise, back to back.

‘I’ve got no time’ Session Two –

20 Mountain Climbers
10 Press Ups
2 One-Leg Raises Press Ups
20 Air Punches
20 Squats
10 Plank Jump Ins
10 Glute Bridges
10 Sit Ups
20 Mountain Climbers

Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat circuit 4 times (feel free to complete it starting from the bottom, working up). FINISH.

Always get a short warm up done, increase your heart rate, increase your blood flow and body temperature, get a few dynamic stretches completed and then proceed with the session. If you feel these sessions are too easy, or hard – adapt them for yourself; change work:rest ratio, increase/decrease reps or sets, progress/regress the exercise, whatever suits you! Let us know how you find the sessions, we hope you found the time…

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