Free Workouts For Seniors And Us Other Lot

Full Body Workout For Our Senior Readers

Warm up with some fast paced walking around the house, garden or area you’re working in. Complete a few dynamic stretches you feel comfortable with and then begin the workout.
Complete each exercise 8-15 times dependant on ability. Once you’ve completed the exercise, rest for 30 seconds. Move on to the next exercise. Complete all the exercises and then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat the whole circuit 2-3 more times.

These exercises can be completed with tinned cans, full water bottles, other SAFE household items to hold/carry. For demonstrations and step-to-step guides on how to do these exercises, follow the link:

Chair Squat (can be made more difficult holding a household object)
Bicep Curl with tinned cans per hand (can fill oven gloves with two tinned cans to make more difficult)
Knee Lifts towards chest while holding tinned cans in both hands above your head with straight arms
Lateral Raises with tinned cans in each hand
Side Leg Lifts
Tricep Extension with tinned cans
Deadbug with tinned can in both hands
Step Ups on stairs
Wall Push Ups


Full Body Workout From Home 

This workout can be done at home or anywhere outside. It can also be made more difficult by adding resistance, extending work time or reducing rest time. For those that are advanced you can look into adding pauses on movements or moving to unilateral work for certain exercises (e.g. single leg squat). 

30 seconds on: 15 seconds off

Alternating Lunge
Push Up
Arm Circles
Ice Skaters
Tricep Dips

30 second rest

30 seconds on: 15 seconds off

Side Hip Raise (Left)
Side Hip Raise (Right)
Mountain Climbers

Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat whole circuit 3-5 times.

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