Enjoy Early Mornings, Are You Mad?

5am alarm? Not my cup of tea HOWEVER there are some great benefits to exercising in the morning and if it suits your day and your body, then do it…

Increased alertness – a hormone called cortisol is released during exercise, this hormone helps to keep you alert, manage stress and help fight fight/face bodily attacks from infection, illness or injury. There’s a lot more depth to go into the understanding of cortisol release and exercise but in short – longer, low intensity exercise will stimulate the release of cortisol. As will short HIIT exercise but not to the same extent.

Increased focus – exercise can help concentration, so if you struggle with concentration in the morning, a morning workout might be perfect for you. Studies have shown that morning exercise improves attention, visual learning and decision making.

Endorphin release – during exercise, endorphins are released, these are the neurotransmitters behind that ‘feel good’ feeling. A release of these endorphins is a good way to start the day, feeling accomplished and setting you up right for the day.

Appetite control – exercise can help regulate appetite control due to its effects on particular hormones (again, I won’t bore you with the science). To add, a study has been published in relation to the brains cues and responses to food before and after exercise. It found that the those that exercised in the morning didn’t have as strong of a response to photos of food compared to those that didn’t exercise.

Establish routine – as I said at the beginning, if working out in the morning suits your routine and you can stick to it, it can become a habit, forming your weekly routine. It takes between 6-8 weeks for habits to form, so stick out the morning grind for 6-8 weeks and it’ll become easier and easier by the day, making it less likely for you to skip workouts.

Sleeping habits – sleep tends to improve if you’ve worked out in the morning. The release of endorphins will help you through the day and by bed time, you’ll hopefully feel accomplished and ready to sleep. Exercising at night is not a problem, your body will release endorphins so it may be harder to fall asleep as quick. Regardless, you’ve still got a workout in the bank, one more than a lot of people!

These are just a few reasons as to why exercising in the morning can benefit your daily routine and physical state. However, don’t let this blog, or any blog, take away the benefits from working out at any point in the day; morning, afternoon or evening. A workout is a workout and if that fits in with your life schedule, then so be it. The benefits of exercise at any time far outweigh the negative impacts of not exercising at all. All said and done, be sensible and listen to your body, don’t try and continuously exercise on minimal sleep, a tired body, an injured body or a hectic day.


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