Boost Your Christmas Immune System

Picture this – winter is coming, illnesses are breaking out and Christmas is round the corner. Your immune system is adapting to this colder weather, the shift in mentality of another year nearly being done and holiday season fast approaching. Your immune system is breaking down a little, you feel a little cold coming on, headaches, sore eyes, more tired than usual and eating habits going out the window…

How are you meant to help yourself feel your best over the winter period?

The basic elements of health would help massively; continue to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, avoid smoking or excessive alcohol consumption (I must sound like the Grinch, right about now…), get enough sleep, try to minimise stress and practice correct hygiene!

We’ll focus on the nutrition element of health to help with keeping a strong immune system. There are some foods that are proven to help the immune system, include them into your diet and cooking this winter:

Dark Chocolate

Contains theobromine


Boosts the immune system through protection the body from free radicals.


Contains curcumin


Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


Source of omega-3


Reduce the risk of the immune system mistakenly attacking a healthy part of the body.


Vitamins A, C and E


Possesses antioxidants and fibre value.

Sweet Potato

Contains beta carotene


Possesses antioxidant properties.


Contains gingerol


Helps decrease inflammation.


Contains allicin


Slow down hardening of the arteries.

Green Tea

Contains flavonoids


Enhances immune function and a good source of amino acids.


Contains flavonoids


Possesses antioxidant properties.

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C


Key to fighting infections through increased white blood cells.


Vitamin C and A


Increases infection-fighting ability of immune system.

It is important to remember that all these foods are great within a balanced diet. Yes, dark chocolate possesses health benefits, but it doesn’t mean indulge in a family bar of dark chocolate every night!

Remember your RDA’s (Reccomended Daily Allowances) and your basic macro/micronutrients but of course have meals or snacks where you indulge in the foods you usually wouldn’t. On that note – PLEASE remember moderation. Combine a balanced diet, uptake of vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs, along with the other basic health elements and you’ll be feeling a million dollars (potentially minus the money element with Christmas right round the corner. We can all dream, right?)

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